About Us

RFT LLC is a family owned plastics manufacturer based out in Huntsville, Alabama.

RFT traces its roots back to 1987 when, after many years spent working in the thermoforming and RF heat sealing industry, LeRoy Sperr was inspired to start a new business based on the idea that every problem has a solution and every customer is important.

We specialize in production using Custom Thermoforming and RF Heat Sealing Processes, as well as CNC Routing.   We have experience serving companies in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, commercial plant growing, telecommunications, retail and packaging solutions.

Whether we are prototyping, fabricating custom machinery or mass producing products, RFT’s unique problem solving and engineering capabilities provide fast ramp-up and turnaround times while continuing to provide customers with a superior end product.

RFT’s customer-centric philosophy results in a trusted long term partnerships. Join our group of trusted Partner and Sub-Contractor Relationships: Toyota, Nissan, GigaParts Inc. and Rootmaker Products.