Case Studies

Toyota presented us with the unique task of taking an existing fixture used in their facility and asked us to improve upon the design.  The previous design had flaws that allowed the fixture to become damaged during use. Minor fixes had been attempted at Toyota, but those fixes presented other problems.  The metal pieces added to create a more structurally sound fixture, in turn created damage to the engine pieces themselves that were transported on the fixtures.

Our solution was to take the general design that existed, but to construct it from a much more durable, long-lasting material.  The hardware used to assemble the trays was placed such that there would be no contact with the metal and the engine parts. The solution we provided was much more durable, and as a result, reduced the need to continuously re-order the trays that did not hold up to a rigorous production line.

Rootmaker Product came to us in the late 1990s with a tray consisting of 32 cells and a concept for an entire line of root-pruning products.  We worked with the owners of Rootmaker Products to design tooling as well as a system for inline production. Over the years, the products we have produced for them have grown from a tray of 32 root pruning cells, to 4 different tray sizes (32 cell, 18 cell, 60 cell and 105 cell) as well many other propagation containers and accessories. As the agriculture industry continues to “grow”, so does our commitment to finding new ways to help our customer, Rootmaker Products, to stay at the top of their industry.